Warne's Solutions

Listed below are links to a cross section of marketing solutions we've developed for clients.

Advertising No. 1 — Selling excess manufacturing capacity Alcom
No. 2 — Building brand equity through advocacy advertising Haughton Group
No. 3 — Changing buying habits through advertising
KWH Pipe
No. 1 — Developing a unique market position ARAMARK
No. 2 — Communicating opportunities to encourage investment Virtek Vision
Direct Response No. 1 — Leveraging affinity in highly saturated markets Agilon Financial
No. 2 — Seizing a short term advantage CF Haughton
No. 3 — Overcoming existing market perceptions OLTCA
No. 4 — Generating leads in a low interest category TAB
No. 5 — Stimulating trial to attain market share Kimberly-Clark
No. 6 — Generating sales to secure distribution Kimberly-Clark
No. 7 — Rejuvenating sales growth for an established product Kimberly-Clark
No. 8 — Increasing market share in a diverse buyers’ market Hanes Canada
No. 1 — Generating sales in a flat, low interest market ADT Security
No. 2 — Exploiting a product benefit Kimberly-Clark
No. 3 — Regaining market leadership Raymond
No. 4 — Modifying purchasing behavior Raymond
No. 5 — Creating a unique brand personality Extrude-A-Trim
Internet Marketing No. 1 — Using the Internet to reduce the cost of sales TAB
  No. 2 — Small targeted search engine campaigns yield big results Virtek Vision
  No. 3 — Online advertising increases web traffic and sales leads Virtek Vision
Market Research No. 1 — Gaining market leadership through research NRB Inc.
Sales Support No. 1 — Stimulating healthcare facilities to outsource ARAMARK
No. 2 — Identifying prospects about to buy Butler Buildings
No. 3 — Increasing specification of commodity products GTE Sylvania
No. 4 — Generating qualified inquiries to stimulate sales efforts ASCO - Power Beam
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